Meet our Resident Artists

A mannequin head found at the Art Academy of Milton


Creature/Feature Design founder, Steve Gibson, has been creating large-scale art and making monsters and fantasy characters out of paint, clay, latex, silicone and foam for more than 30 years. As a self-taught artist, Steve enjoys sharing his knowledge with anyone wishing to gain a broader approach to their own personal style. In 2017 he founded The ARTS UNDERGROUND in Lewisburg, PA; a unique, collaborative space for local artists. His award-winning video work can be seen in feature films THE FEED (2010) and THE LOST WITHIN (2017), as well as numerous shorts, music videos and commercial projects. Clients include Transitions of PA, Campus Theatre LTD, Habitat for Humanity, Bucknell University, Clark University, Mackey Strategies, and dozens of retail, online, corporate, government, and independent agencies.


Steve is a published writer, a cinematographer, producer, director, audio designer, and editor, who also happens to dabble in fine art photography.

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Beverley Conrad is an award-winning pastel artist who is skilled in portraiture as well. Several of her historical portraits are property of the Pennsylvania  Museum Commission. She is also a fiddler and teaches fiddle. She collects local ghost stories and often has story telling sessions. Several of her books are available on Amazon and locally. In recent years she created The Dead Fly Project – one hundred works of art of a dead fly. Some of her pieces are now hanging in her AAoM studio. She will be offering lessons in art as well as music.



CANISTER is a boutique photography studio committed to delivering vibrant, true-to-life images tailored to its clients' individual needs and expectations. Owned and managed by photographer Julie Hagenbuch since 2009, the CANISTER studio is located on the third floor of the AAoM in Milton, Pennsylvania. CANISTER specializes in portraiture, food photography, and product photography.


Central PA's premiere youth theatre program! Grand, Travelers, & Scrim Youth Theatre is looking forward to providing the area with high quality theatre performed by persons ages 5-18. GT&S welcomes youth from any and all walks of life.


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"As a mother I try to ensure my three school age kids are healthy and happy, but I have finally gathered the courage to go after something I have wanted since my childhood." Tightly Tethered Treasures' shop will offer many wares made by the whole family. String art and bath bags and scrubs will also be joined many other pieces that they have created. 



Michael Rash has been teaching writing and film studies since 1996, after leaving his home in the Pacific Northwest. He brings a diverse background to the prose writing workshop at Art Academy of Milton and hopes to inspire creativity in the community by empowering people to express their style in writing. Michael discovered writing early in life and journaled his way through short stories, poetry, then back to prose, finally stumbling into graduate school after the sonic years of early 90s Seattle. He studied writing instruction with a concentration in cinema studies at Northeastern University in Boston and fell into teaching naturally. Has it really been 26 years?

Michael is an avid cyclist and hiker. When he’s not teaching, riding, or hiking, he’s scribbling on and on about this place, this time, this history…


Lilly recently graduated from Bucknell University with a Bachelors in Studio Art specializing in drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, and sculpture. She plans on spending her time in the basement studio developing her signature style. Her work focuses on issues relating to mental illness, poverty, and trauma, with the occasional goofy project. Lilly’s main objective is to create pieces that will resonate with people from different walks of life so that they may know they are not alone in their struggles.