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Art Academy of Milton, located in the former Fraternal Order of Eagles Lodge at 38 South Front Street in historic Milton, PA, will conduct activities which serve charitable and educational purposes to enhance the entire Central PA valley. We take as our mission nurturing the arts and fostering creativity, promoting education, and enriching downtown Milton and the greater community. It will serve as a hub for activities and events that celebrate that history, cultivate the arts, and enliven and strengthen Milton, now and in the future.

Our building, a 11,400-square-foot concrete structure dating back to the turn of the century, has a commanding presence on South Front Street, an area of the downtown that also features Milton Art Bank and T.I.M.E. (The Improved Milton Experience), both of which are bringing new and exciting art-related activities to the area. Milton has also seen a recent uptick in its downtown including new grocers, retail shops and restaurants.

We will conduct classes in painting, drawing, sculpting, photography and other media in our own facility, bringing in teachers and artists from throughout our area, and serving children and adults, for one-time workshops and series of classes. We also offer a large, ground-floor venue suitable for musical and theatrical entertainment in addition to accessible classes and artists’ presentations. Our building also provides multiple galleries and studios for artists, available at low-cost, "artist-friendly" monthly rates. In this sense, the building would serve as an “arts incubator”, offering workspaces and a built-in community for both amateurs and professionals. 


In all that Art Academy of Milton undertakes, we will establish strong relationships with downtown businesspeople, non-profit organizations, local governments, and individual citizens, forging partnerships that take advantage of the best ideas, talents, and expertise in our community. 


Let's Work Together

In order to keep our classes and studio spaces affordable for the local community, we rely on the generosity of our friends, neighbors, and YOU!

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